• Reclaim Your Day!

    Increased energy levels, better weight control and improved blood pressure are just some of the many benefits of a nocturnal dialysis treatment!

  • Overnight Dialysis Treatments

    Our team of exceptionally talented healthcare providers offers Southeastern Massachusetts and the Greater Boston region the best possible in-center nocturnal dialysis experience.

  • Much More Effective Than Conventional Dialysis!

    The rate of fluid removal during in-center nocturnal dialysis is very gentle, resulting in elimination of cramping and hypotension.

  • In-Center Nocturnal Dialysis Near You!

    Energize yourself with in-center nocturnal dialysis and have more time for family and friends!

Lifestyle/Medical Benefits

Patients experience the following benefits upon completion of overnight dialysis:

  • A heightened sense of well being
  • Less fatigue following completion of dialysis
  • Much improved energy level during waking hours
  • Improved blood pressure control requiring fewer anti-hypertensive medications
  • Easier management of fluid gains and fluid removal during dialysis
  • Better phosphorous control
  • Higher hemoglobin with less Epogen
  • Fewer hospitalizations

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You and Your Treatment

Brockton Dialysis Center

The Brockton Dialysis Center now offers the only in-center nocturnal dialysis option in Southeastern Massachusetts, providing patients with a way to receive gentle dialysis treatment at night so that they can have more time to enjoy the activities of each day. Patients report feeling healthier and more energetic when they receive nocturnal treatments. With a convenient location, ample parking and state of the art equipment and conveniences, such as WiFi, television, and satellite radio, patients spend their sleeping hours at the center receiving a better dialysis experience. Patients report that once they adjust to the new schedule, the medical and lifestyle benefits are enormous. From improved appetite to emotional gains and increased energy levels, nocturnal dialysis promotes an overall improved quality of life.

For those who cherish every moment of every day, in-center nocturnal dialysis is an excellent choice for patients with end stage renal disease.

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